Our aim is to maintain your asset and to maximize its lifetime. Just because the construction is complete, it does not mean that our work is done.

One of the keys to keeping the cost of a property low is through proper management and maintenance of the property.  We partner with building owners and facility managers to maintain, manage and optimize your building usage.

In many occasion building maintenance requires multi disciplinary expertise that need to be consolidated into one single responsibility to report to building owner.

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Our Building Maintenance Service

General maintenance service for your building from minor handyman works, up to renovation and upgrading.

Routing cleaning and maintenance of your equipments such as air conditioner, pumps, facades etc.

Often forgotten but important part of maintenance is your building’s compliance to government and estate regulation, certification renewal, etc.

Our affiliated PT. Giken Dynamika Indonesia consist of teams of technicians well versed in maintenance of plant equipments such as electrical panels, distribution boards, material handling equipments like crane, forklift etc.