SOLIDBUILD is our household name for PEB steel building solution;  with exceptional credentials such as On-time Delivery, Leak-proof Roof System, Fully Engineered Solutions and Safe Erection Practices.

SOLIDBUILD Building Systems is built on innovation and attention to customer requirements. By providing timely construction and a superior solution, it has achieved a remarkably high repeat customer rate. Our unique approach involves optimal use of steel material, maximizing strength while minimizing redundant waste.

With years of experience in building the most challenging steel building, we are confident that we can give you the BEST solution for steel building.

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advantages of using Soludbuild BROADSPAN System

SOLIDBUILD structural system is designed to enhance your building’s functionality, not stand on its way.  All this are considered while also maintaining high flexibility in architectural designs. We aim to give innovative alternative for engineers, architects, and project owners who demand speed and efficiency in the design of your projects. All components of our building system is engineered with precision and pre-fabricated at our manufacturing facility. Which is then transported to your site for easy erection.


Designed with latest design codes and engineered to its finest detail, SOLIDBUILD building system ensures you will get the technical assurance of a safe and strong building.


Optimal use of high-tensile steel materials allow us to achieve technical requirement while reducing material self-weight. This will result in amazing efficiency in both structural and foundation cost.


Our system combines pre-engineered primary frame system with factory pre-punched high-tensile secondary frames (purlin and girts) to allow almost unlimited design flexibility.

Building Features

SOLIDBUILD Building System can be customized to suit your requirements. Fully fabricated at our manufacturing shops, all structural components of SOLIDBUILD are modular components, which can be easily installed using screws and bolts.

SOLIDBUILD Building System is the perfect choice for various applications such as aircraft hangars, expo hall, manufacturing facilities, warehouse, distribution centres, office building, hypermarkets, sporting stadium, schools and many other industrial and commercial applications.

Primary Structure

Large range of framing options are available for SOLIDBUILD Building System, with each frame gives various benefits such as:

  • Maximum area optimization with no column interruptions
  • Various slopes and extensions
  • Unlimited height and width
  • Expansions for future requirements are easily accomodated
  • Flexible design to meet your architectural requirement
Structure with Zed section as secondary structure (roof purlins)
Project : Living Plaza, Location : Balikpapan

Secondary Structure

SOLIDBUILD Secondary Structures are made from roll-formed high tensile Galvanized Steel (Z275 G450 with minimum yield strength of 450mPa.

This steel is abount 80-90{a353922fd5978f6c08600a8c75233530797e88479d5f7eff66e9f0eca623bd55} stronger than mild carbon steel purlins, resulting in lighter overall structure weight. Other benefits of using high-tensile purlins are:

  • Galvanized finish means no painting is required and high protection against rust
  • Factory pre-punched for higher precision and easy installation
  • Stronger material resulting in unequalled strength and durability, resulting in more efficient and economical structure
  • Its design standard conforms to American Standard AS 1397 and can be applied to British, European and Indonesian standards