Design & Engineering

Designing and engineering a factory building is a complex process that requires expertise in a wide range of disciplines. From understanding the production processes to ensuring compliance with building codes and regulations, there are many factors to consider when creating a functional and efficient factory. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the design and engineering services that are involved in building a modern factory.

One of the key considerations in factory building design is the layout of the production floor. The layout must be carefully planned to maximize the efficiency of the production process while ensuring a safe working environment for employees. This involves analyzing the flow of materials and products through the factory and designing a layout that minimizes the distance that materials and workers need to travel. On top of that, design of material handling equipments, racking and storage system are also critical in ensuring optimum productivity.

Another important aspect of factory building design is the selection of building materials and systems. A modern factory must be designed to be energy-efficient, with lighting, HVAC, and other systems that reduce energy consumption and minimize environmental impact. Application of renewable energy sources such as solar panel system is also advantageous. Additionally, the building must be constructed to withstand the demands of the production processes, with materials that are durable and able to withstand wear and tear.

The engineering aspect of factory building design involves the development of detailed plans and specifications for the construction of the building. This includes the calculation of structural loads, the design of foundation systems, and the selection of mechanical and electrical systems. The goal of engineering is to ensure that the building is safe, functional, and efficient, and that it meets all relevant codes and regulations.

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Many of times good design engineers are very focused in achieving design criteria that sometimes they missed the fact that ease of installation is also a crucial to the project. Our designs are always vetted by field-proved experts who has been working on industrial building projects for many years.

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